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Are you ready to make a splash in the world of sustainable water bottling? We're looking for passionate individuals to join our innovative team.


Your Water Bottling Company in Lewiston

Welcome to Artesian Fusion! We're Tsceminicum Bottling Company located in Lewiston, Idaho at the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers. Tsceminicum is Native Nez Perce for "Meeting of the Waters". Our water comes from the pristine lakes and rivers in the Idaho wilderness. The water seeps deep below the ...

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We Take Care of You

Water delivery is nothing less than essential for busy homes and workplaces where every minute matters. At Artesian Fusion, we take care of you, so you can spend more time taking care of your work and family. With us, you can save up time and have a simple, on-demand solution to keep you and your loved ones or ...
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Professionals at your Service

We strive to provide complete satisfaction and we do this by offering excellent customer care service, which is as refreshing as our water. When you give us a call, get ready to stop being thirsty and save time with pure water solutions that will be delivered to your door by our friendly and knowledgeable team.


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Crisp clean water. No weird aftertaste.
OK, I'll admit it...I'm a bit of a wat er snob. I don't like the flavor or aftertaste of most bottled waters. I'm a confirmed super-taster, and even the highest rated, national brands are just...not good. I decided to give these a try. I got them perfectly chilled and cracked one open. I took a big swallow and sat back to experience the weird aftertaste that accompanies so many waters. Nothing discernable, so I tried some more. Still, no colored, off tasting flavors. I am pleasantly surprised at how good this water tastes (or DOESN'T taste) as the case is.
I keep it hidden, in my garage fridge, out of sight from my friends so I can have it all to myself!
LOVE the aluminum bottles, too! Not even a hint of aluminum flavoring either!
Buy some and enjoy!


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8 Reviews


Aug 4, 2023
vitor bernadino

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