Our Story

Our Story…

During the Summer of 2008, my good friend Brian and I were having breakfast as we enjoyed our morning together talking of the World’s treasures. I handed Brian a serving of water from my deep artesian aquifer in one of my custom personal aluminum bottles. Brian began drinking the water and immediately noted the water had an exceptional taste to it. He also mentioned the water genuinely quenched his thirst and immediately he felt as though it stimulated the sensory of neurons in his brain.
I began my extensive research about our newfound treasure.
Upon discovery of the source of this amazing find, the deep aquifer had been
named the “Russell”-Basalt Aquifer because of the vast large layer of stone basalt protecting this precious commodity of nutrient rich artesian water. I then
requested water reports from our local testing labs to investigate the true identity of this newfound “liquid gold”. I was amazed to discover the water was not only
nutrient rich, but had actually near perfect electrolytes and an 8.0 ph factor. Thus
began the dream of sharing this fabulous discovery with the rest of the World!
I invite you to enjoy my discovery and drink this magnificent water every day to not only hydrate your body, but replenish the nutrients back into your body today!

Founder~ Rick Keane